Content management and publishing services
Image research and problem-solving
Clean and elegant website creation

Three Hats director, Jane Harris, is someone who can get things done for you.

Jane is also a freelance digital content wrangler and Moneypenny for several New Zealand companies. She is an experienced proofreader, digital asset manager, copy-editor, image researcher, transcriber, and subtitler.  She navigates the unfolding territory of digital content with curiosity and ease.

She creates and curates simple, elegant and clear websites for award-winning New Zealand authors, literary journals, individual books, writer residencies, publishers, academics, architects, a photographer and an engineering mate who builds lights out of found objects.

She has over thirty years of bookselling under her belt; from well-known chain stores, to Unity Books Wellington, to web-based e-commerce bookshops, to publishers. She crossed over to the publishing side in 2009, where she has gained experience in copy-editing, production, and marketing of New Zealand books for Phantom House Books and Te Papa Press. Within the last ten years, she has also gained wide experience in online content and digital asset management.

All of these perspectives and her can-do attitude place her in a handy position of being able to understand many of the requirements and idiosyncrasies of digital assets and websites. Her wide interests and adaptability also enable her to work within other business realms. Ask her about importing the ex-military jet…

Jane is also an able Geek/Non-geek Liaison Officer ™ translating the technical to non-technical people and vice versa.

She finds writing about herself in the third person most odd.